How To Clean A Fan ?

How To Clean A Fan


1. Work Safely

Set the unit to the off position. Unplug electric fans and disconnect batteries from battery-powered fans.


For detailed instructions on how to disassemble a fan, refer to the manual or manufacturer’s website. You should note that disassembling a fan could void your warranty.

Many manufacturers of bladeless fans, have detailed instructions on their web sites on how to clean and maintain their units.

2. Remove Outer Housing Components

Use the correct type of screwdriver to loosen the screws that hold the wire housing in its place. There may be clips on fans that keep the wire mesh in place. The rear wire housing may be held to the motor housing by an extremely heavy-duty nut. It cannot be removed until you have removed the blades.

Make sure that all screws and small parts are kept in a small container to prevent them from getting lost.

3. Take The Blades

The blade cap is what holds oscillating fans to the motor housing. Remove each blade by unscrewing the cap at the front.

4. Mixing A Cleaning Solution

Mix 3 cups of water with 2 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid. Mix well.

5. Spray & Clean

Place the fan’s wire housing and blades in a large tub or sink. Use the dishwashing liquid to spray thoroughly. Allow the dishwashing liquid to work its magic. Next, wipe every surface with a microfiber cloth.

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Do not immerse the motor housing in water.

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6. Rinse & Dry

Use cool water to rinse each component. To dry each component, use a microfiber cloth. The parts should be dried in a sunny, breezy area for at least 30 minutes. Before reassembling the fan, each piece must be completely dry.

7. Clean Up The Fan

Once the fan has been disassembled, you can clean all remaining parts as you would with weekly cleaning. Be sure to pay attention where the blades attach. To remove any trapped dust, use a vacuum brush.

If your tower or bladeless fan has an air filter, you can either remove the filter or replace it.

8. Reassemble The Fan

Keep in mind the order that the fan was taken apart. Start with the last piece and attach it to the motor base. After a thorough reassembly, there should not be any small pieces left!

Tips To Keep Your Fan Cleaner Longer

  • You can clean your fan(s), once per week, to keep dust to a minimum.
  • Check the air filter on your fan to make sure it is working efficiently.

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