How To Clean Casement Windows Properly ?

How To Clean Casement Windows ?


How To Clean Casement Windows ? - 8 Steps

Step 1

If your screen is already installed, turn the screen clips upwards and remove the screen. You can also remove a removable grill.

Step 2

Turn the crank to open the window. Lift the lock handle. When the glass is opened to 90 degrees, there should be a slot in the hinged side.

Step 3

Use a dry rag to remove any debris and dust from the track and edges of the sash.

Step 4

Mix a few drops dishwashing soap in a bucket of warm, water to clean a dirty window.

You can also choose to spray cleaner foam with WPG Sander SPRAYER Electric Foam Sprayer.

How To Clean Casement Windows ? floor-to-ceiling windows
WPG Sander SPRAYER Electric Foam Sprayer Clean Floor-to-ceiling Windows

Step 5

Use a sponge or mop to clean the glass’s outside and interior. To wash the outside of your window, reach around the edge.

Step 6

Use your favorite window cleaner, paper towels, or newspaper to clean both sides of the glass.

Step 7

After it has been cleaned thoroughly, dry the window frame with a dry, clean rag.

Step 8

Close the window, and then reinstall grill or screen.

Cleaning Casement Windows

Pay particular attention to the edges.

It is important to clean all edges of casement windows when cleaning them. The casement window opens and extends beyond the building, which allows dirt and pollen to settle around the edges. This can compromise the seal and reduce the window’s energy-efficiency.

Be Sure To Have All The Tools You Need.

Window cleaning does not require special tools or solvents. A commercial household cleaner can be used to clean casement windows. It is important, but often overlooked, to remove any dust and dirt from the glass and frame using a dry paintbrush or lint free cloth. Then you can clean it with a liquid solution. Prewash grimy glass with water and a little dishwashing soap. Spray the glass with a cleaner.

Some homeowners prefer natural cleaners over chemical-based ones. It is possible to make your own glass cleaner at your home using 50% vinegar and 50% tapwater in a spray bottle.

For a cleaner look, newspaper can be used in place of paper towels for window cleaning. Because they are made of dense fibers, they are less likely to separate or cause lint. Some paper towels can have a coating that feels nice, but may leave streaks on some types of coated glass. To avoid streaking, no matter what method you use, dry the glass well.

If you are installing on an upper level, consider purchasing in-swing casement Windows.

Casement windows can either be installed to swing in your home (in-swing) or outwards in your yard (outward-swing). Cleaning will be easy if the window is at an accessible height.

Swinging inwards is a great way to simplify cleaning difficult-to-reach windows.

How To Deal A Difficult Crank ?

Lubricating the crank mechanism may be necessary if you have difficulty using it when cleaning windows. Spray lubricants such as WD-40 can be used, provided that the nozzle is long and narrow enough to reach the base of your crank handle. It will then seep into the gears, hopefully resolving the problem.

If the window still has difficulty opening and closing, you should check the track of the control arm for any debris. It should work again once you have removed the debris with a flat-head screwdriver.

How Often Should You Clean Your Casement Windows ?

According to professionals, cleaning windows should be done inside and outside twice per year. Casement windows homeowners will find it easy to clean with the supplies they already have. A quality casement window will provide you with beautiful views for many years by simply cleaning it regularly.

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