Returns Policy

Application for return service

1. The received product has defects or wrong products, please contact us within seven days of receiving the product, we will inform you of the return method, which will be paid by us, but if it exceeds the seven-day period, we will not accept the return goods.

2. After completing the shopping process, if you find that the order is wrong or you want to purchase more goods, you need to cancel the order, you can please contact us, the service staff will help you confirm the order process. If the goods have been shipped, you cannot cancel the order.

3. Because the information provided by the orderer is incomplete and cannot be contacted in real time, the goods cannot be sent out in time, or the personal factors cannot be received, etc., causing the customer to not receive the goods within the normal time, please contact us, we will Handled within the first time, but the company is not liable for damages due to any direct or indirect damage caused by the circumstances listed above.

General merchandise

The seven-day appreciation period is based on the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law. Customers (including myself, relatives, friends or administrators) can return the product unconditionally if the product remains in a new state and is completely packaged, seven days after the receipt of the product. Overdue will not be accepted.

According to consumer protection laws and regulations, the right to enjoy a seven-day hesitation period when goods arrive.
※ Note! Non-trial period.

The returned goods must be in a new state (unused) and complete new packaging, please do not miss any accessories, otherwise it will affect the rights of return.
If there is a demand for the return of non-general goods, such as: sending the wrong goods / defects caused by non-human factors after the goods are damaged or scratched, please within the seven-day appreciation period (calculated from the next day after the completion of the pickup ) As soon as possible, notify the company’s customer service staff, we will confirm the order and product defect identification with you, and assist you as soon as possible.

Explanation of exchange specification

Returned goods must be kept in complete packaging (unopened). If the goods are damaged, scraped, scratched or dirty due to improper disassembly and use, or the packaging is damaged and incomplete, making it impossible to resell, or the accessories are not complete, please do not accept .
Due to accounting requirements, if the return order has applied for a triple paper invoice / edited invoice, we will issue an invoice discount form (PDF electronic file) to you after applying for the return. 1.2), returned goods and triple invoices (only required if they are issued) are sent back to complete the return process.


If you do not return goods within Taiwan, you will have to bear the freight for the return goods.