How To Clean Blinds ?

How To Clean Blinds ?

Window blinds are a great way to keep the sun out of your room and add privacy. However, it can be difficult to clean them. Blinds can collect dust and dirt, which can add allergens to your home. It is worth spending a little time cleaning your blinds during spring cleaning to help you get into the habit of keeping them clean.



You can use a microfiber cloth, this is easy to get at home . To help remove dirt and dust from your blinds, you can add a little dish soap or rubbing alcohol to make them more easily.

Use a Blind Duster

This blind duster tool is great for cleaning blinds quickly. You can wash the microfiber between uses, and it will trap dust from both sides of your blinds. You can clean two blind slats simultaneously.

Vacuum Cleaner

You can vacuum your blinds with a vacuum that has a soft brush attachment, an extended hose, and a soft brush attachment. This is fast and does a great job at capturing dust quickly.

Do you have window blinds? Which cleaning method do you prefer for your window blinds?

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