Here’s A 5-step Guide To Cleaning Out Your Garage

Cleaning Out Your Garage


1. Get Everything Out

To declutter your garage, the first step is to identify what is in it. To begin, pick a portion of your garage and drag everything onto the driveway. This garage cleaning tip will make it easier to clean and help you determine how much storage space you have.

2. Decide On Your 'Keep' Criteria

After you have gathered everything, it is time to establish some guidelines for what items to keep. This garage cleaning tip will make it easier to get rid of all the items. Ask yourself the following question when deciding what items to keep and discard: “Is it there for a reason or because it was difficult to find the right use for it?”

Things To Keep During A Garage Cleanout:

  1. Items that you have used more than once within the last year
  2. All items in good working order. Get rid of all the gizmos that you have been “meaning to fix.”
  3. You can’t rent or borrow tools easily

3. Deciding What To Do With The Garage Clutter

Anything that doesn’t go on your “keep” list is considered clutter. It shouldn’t be left in your garage.

Start going through all the items you have taken out of your garage. First, identify items that you would like to donate or sell. You should have plastic bags, cardboard boxes and bags ready so you can easily pack up your donation items while you are working and stash them somewhere safe.

You can bag up and box up any junk that does not belong in the “keep,” “sell” or “donate” piles. Toss your garbage bags in the dumpster when you are done with your weekend cleanout.

There are many options to get rid of garage clutter:

Donate It

It’s a smart idea to make a list of places you want to donate your items to when you clean out your garage. Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, and Salvation Army are good places to start. But make sure to call ahead to confirm that they will accept your donations. Don’t lose heart if they refuse to take your items. You might be amazed at the donation opportunities available in your community.

Sell It

You can make some extra money by selling your items online or having a yard sale. You can list your items on Craigslist, Free cycle, and Facebook Marketplace. To help you price your items, do some research online.

Pitch It

It’s time to get rid off all the junk in your garage that cannot be donated or sold. Your junk removal needs will vary depending on how big your stuff is and what you are throwing away. You might end up with too much junk after a garage clean out, especially if you have large items like lawn equipment or patio furniture. Renting a dumpster is a good option if you are worried about having more than two pickup trucks load.

4. Deep Clean The Space

It might be worthwhile to clean out your garage before you put it back. The best way to clean a garage is to go from the top to the bottom. First, dust off and wipe down your refrigerator, shelves, and cabinets. Next, use a damp, warm cloth and mild household detergent to clean your garage walls. To get rid of any dust, sweep the floor. Next, sweep the floor and then mop it up. Let the floors dry for two to four hours before you put things away.

Garage Cleaning Tips

  • Use cat litter, dish soap, and a wire scrub brush to remove motor oil stains.
  • Use bleach or vinegar to remove mold.
  • To clean your garage walls, use a sponge mop.
  • To dry the wall, you can use a flat-head mop and a microfiber cloth.
  • To speed up the drying of your floor, dry it with a fan.

5. Get Organized

Once you have whittled down your clutter and done your garage clean-up, take advantage of the opportunity to prevent it from growing again. What’s the best way organize a garage? It all depends on what you want to store.

The Best Ways To Organize A Garage

  • To keep your frequently used items in one place, you can use shelving units.
  • For items that you don’t use as often, consider using cabinets or closets.
  • To organize tools like hacksaws and hammers, use a pegboard.
  • To hold larger tools like rakes or shovels, hang them on the wall with hooks or place them in a sturdy bin.
  • You can group items by category to make it easy for you to locate what you need and then put it back where you left it when you’re done.

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