How To Clean Baseboards ?

How to Clean Baseboards

Truthfully, we ignore our baseboards. If we ignore a problem long enough, it becomes much more difficult to solve that problem. Your baseboards weren’t something you thought of today.

It’s a good idea to know how to clean your baseboards quickly and effectively.


Tip 1: Sweep/dust your baseboards

You should sweep the entire area, just as you would do if you were mopping your kitchen or bathroom.

Also, make sure to sweep or dust your baseboards before cleaning them. This will help ensure that there is no dirt or dust stuck to them.

A clean paint brush works well if you don’t own a handheld broom. It may actually work better than a handheld broom.

Tip 2: Vacuum the area

It’s now time to vacuum to ensure that dust doesn’t get back to the baseboard.

You don’t need to do it too often; simply go over the area that you have just brushed.

Tip 3: Warm soapy water

The next step is to combine warm water with dish soap. To avoid soap scum, don’t be too generous with your dish soap.

If your baseboard is painted over but not finished, you can use a wood cleaner.

Tip 4: Wash your baseboards

Make sure to not soak a cloth too much in the solution.

If you allow too much moisture to build up on your baseboards it can cause soap scum and water marks. This is not what you want, so be sure to wring out any products that you use to clean your baseboard.

Tip 5: Get your baseboards dry

While you can let your baseboards air dry, it is best to dry them manually to prevent streaks. Get a towel or a cloth with no loose hairs, and dry your baseboards.

Tip 6: Be in the corners

You will notice that the corners of your baseboards now have tiny black lines. Use a cotton swab, dipped into warm soapy water to get into these difficult-to-reach crevices and wipe them clean.

Tip 7: Clean out the corners

Vacuuming out the corners is an optional step. You should vacuum the corners once you are certain that it won’t come back. It takes only minutes and you will feel at ease.

Tip 8: Clean the corners

Your baseboard corners will become the dirtiest and fastest. To ensure that you clean all corners, use a damp cloth or wet wipes to wipe away any dirt.

Tip 9: Dry the corners

After you have cleaned the corners thoroughly, dry them with a towel or cloth. Also, ensure that the towel or cloth does not have any hairs.

Tip 10: Admire your hard work

Your baseboards are now clean and tidy. You can now look at your baseboards with a happy smile.

It might seem like baseboards should only be cleaned by people with good eyesight. But it can make a big difference. Although it isn’t the most important aspect of cleaning, it is an essential part of the process. It’s so easy to transform your home into a beautiful masterpiece.

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