How to Clean A Bathtub ?

How to Clean a Bathtub

It is important to keep your house clean because there are so many areas that are used every day. A bath tub is one of the most frequently used areas in the house. There are many ways to clean a bathtub, but this is the easiest.

This article will focus on cleaning an enamel bathtub. Before you start cleaning your metal, porcelain, or stone tub, you might want to do some research.


These are the steps you need to take to keep your bathtub cleaner and longer lasting.

Clear Everything

Before you start cleaning the tub, empty it completely. You must empty the tub of all contents in order to get it clean. You can also dispose of any soap or shampoo bottles that are not needed.

Gather Products

Baking soda, dish soap, and your favorite essential oil fragrance are all good options for cleaning your tub. Citrus essential oils smells are especially good because they help to dissolve soap scum. Mix the dish soap and baking soda in equal quantities in a glass bowl or plastic bowl. You can add as many drops as you wish, but it should be between 5-10.

Before you begin, make sure to wear rubber gloves. To ensure that you don’t tear up your knees while cleaning, place a towel folded on the ground outside the tub. A sponge with both a soft side and an abrasive one is also necessary.

Tub Cleaning

Dip the sponge in the dish soap and baking soda mixture. Start at the top of your tub, and work your way downwards. Move the sponge in a circular, or S-like motion so that all surfaces are cleaned. Let the tub sit for 10 minutes after you have covered all surfaces.

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Continue and Rinse

After ten minutes, return to the tub and do another round of the scrub. To rinse the tub, you can use a removable shower head or a cup with water.

When you rinse, make sure you go around the tub twice. You can remove your glove and rub your hands on any soap scum that remains. You can feel any “stuff” on the tub walls. Continue to work with the sponge and mixture until you are satisfied.

Clean It All

After everything has been thoroughly rinsed with water, dry the tub using a microfiber cloth. This will prevent product buildup and make the tub last longer. To make the tub last longer between cleanings, dry it down.

Other Areas

To clean items such as drain fixtures or spouts, soak a cloth rag in white vinegar. Wrap the fixtures in the damp cloth. Make sure you cover all of them. After 30 minutes, return to the fixture and remove the cloth. Dry it with a clean towel.

Vinegar can be used as a cleaning agent by itself. However, it is especially effective for soap scum and stains that are hard to remove.

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