Simple And Fast To Clean Aluminum Wheels

clean aluminum wheels Simple and fast how to

People tend to concentrate on the car’s body and windows when cleaning it. These are the closest things to their eyes.
In the washing process, it is common for certain parts to be overlooked. One of these areas is the wheels.

People may think that because they are so close to the ground they won’t be noticed and it’s not worth cleaning them as they will soon get dirty again.
Have you ever seen a car with brand new wheels, fresh off the lot? It’s possible to feel like you have a brand new car by cleaning your aluminum wheels.
This is not an difficult task. As this article will show, it’s a simple, step-by-step process anyone can complete.

This is how you can make your car’s aluminum wheels shine.
Continue reading to find out how.


These are the main drawbacks to leaving your car outside in the rain:

What Are The Benefits Of Cleaning Your Car's Wheels?

The first thing to do is clean your car’s wheels. This is the mixture of adhesive and carbon fibres that comes off the brake pad, and the metal shavings that are removed from the rotor.
It’s highly corrosive and can cause corrosion and pitting, especially when it comes off hot. Every time you drive, brake dust is created.
Regular cleaning is necessary to keep your wheels clean. The generalized road grime can also be a problem.

Here are some key reasons why you should consider this an essential part of your auto maintenance.

What Is The Difference Between Aluminum And Steel Wheels?

Different metal alloys (alloys), are used to make wheels. The most popular are steel and aluminum. Each has its own pros and cons and can have varying effects on driving and require different maintenance methods.

Aluminum wheels are also called alloy wheels. They are made from an alloy of nickel and aluminum. These wheels are usually cast by pouring liquid aluminum into a mold.
These wheels are usually more attractive than steel wheels and can be lighter than steel ones. They can be made in many different designs because they are molded.
Both chrome-plated wheels and bare polished aluminum ones are susceptible to scratches and the harmful effects of oxidation.

Steel wheels are made from a combination of iron and carbon. They are heavier than other wheels, which can reduce acceleration and fuel economy. They are stronger, so they are less susceptible to cracking by impact.
Also, they won’t be as easily damaged from gravel, brake dust, or de-icers (which is why they are more common in winter driving situations). They are also easier to repair. They are not molded. Instead, they are cut on a press and then joined together. These wheels offer fewer design options, making them less about the appearance of the car’s wheels and more about their function.

A Step-by-Step Guide For Cleaning Your Car's Aluminum Wheels

1. Rinse the tires

As a first step, rinse the wheels to get rid of as much dirt and dust as you can. You should use as much water pressure as possible and make sure you reach every corner and crevice. This will save you both time and effort later.

2. Use a wheel cleaner

Each wheel should be cleaned one at a. 

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3. Give your elbow grease a try

Use a soft brush to gently remove any grime. Keep the entire area clean with water. This will prevent the wheel from getting scratched.
Clean the barrel by getting in between the spokes using the brush. Next, use a lugnut brush to clean around the holes. You should not use a stiff brush as it can scratch the wheel more quickly.

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4. Clean the wheel wells

To clean the wheel wells of your car, use an all-purpose cleaner with a stiffer brush and a long-handled brush. These areas are prone to accumulating dirt.

5. Rinse them again and dry them

Rinse all the items you have cleaned up so far and dry them with a soft towel, such as a microfiber towel. You’ll get water spots if you don’t dry your wheel.

6. Clay is the wheel

Detailing clay can be used to clean your car’s wheels thoroughly. However, it is not required.

7. Polish the wheels

Use a small amount of aluminum polish on a clean rag. This will prevent the polish drying too quickly before you can rub it in. Begin with the wheel’s surface, then move on to the lug nuts and work your way along the grain. For any crevices that are difficult to reach, you can wrap a toothbrush in a towel. After you’re done, use a soft, clean towel to wipe it clean.

8. Seal with wax

Use a clean cloth to rub the wax onto the wheel’s surface. A metal sealant can be used in place of a regular wax. However, it must be approved for use on aluminum wheels.

Let the wax dry for about 10-15 minutes. After it has dried, wipe it clean with a damp cloth.
Your wheels should be shiny and well protected.

How Often Should You Clean Your Wheels?

It is recommended to wash your wheels with soap, water, and a wash mitt each time you wash your vehicle (or at least twice per month).

You can have more thorough cleanings and add a layer of protection substances with fewer visits to the bathroom, which is about 4-6 times per calendar year.

These are only guidelines. You can look at your wheels and decide if they are dirty.

You’ll need to wash your tires more often if you drive on dirt roads than if you drive on pavement.
You can use your judgement to decide when the wheels should be cleaned. If aesthetics are a concern, then it will be whenever they look less appealing due to dirt or grime accumulation.

How Often Should You Clean Your Wheels ?


You want your car to look as attractive and clean as possible.
Make sure you clean your wheels regularly. It’s not difficult at all, as you know.
You can keep your vehicle in great condition by using the right products and following the steps.
It is worth investing a little time now to ensure your car lasts longer.

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