How To Clean A Pool ?

How To Clean A Pool ?

You’ll be able to afford an above-ground pool if you have budgeted. Pools are also not low-maintenance backyard enhancements so you should be ready to clean it up often and again.


What You Will Need?

The following items can be used to thoroughly clean above-ground or in-ground swimming pools:

Cleaning Pool Steps

1. Skim Off All Debris

This is an essential first step to ensure the success of the rest. Start by cleaning the pool with a net to get rid of any floating debris. If your pool is full of floating debris, it’s almost certain that you have a blocked filter. Make sure to do this every so often.

2. Clean the ladder and sides of the pool

After you have cleared away any visible debris, you can use a pool brush and clean the sides as well as the ladders or stairs. This should be done every week. Attach the pool brush to your telescopic pole, and use some force to clean away any grime. You should pay more attention to areas that have poor water circulation like stairs.

How To Clean A Pool
WPG Sander SEA Under Water Handheld Power Scrubber Brush The Pool Floor
WPG Sander SEA Under Water Handheld Power Scrubber clean swimming pool
WPG Sander SEA Under Water Handheld Power Scrubber Clean Swimming Pool

3. Shock The Pool

Shock pool involves adding enough chlorine to raise the chlorine level to between 8 and 15 ppm. This will kill algae and other organic matter. This should be done at night, as pool shocks don’t contain stabilizers and can burn in sunlight. Do not leave the pool for more than a night.

4. A Brush Is Important

This is an important mechanical cleaning step. It will remove algae buildup from your pool walls. ‘Brush the floor and walls. To remove any algae or scum, use a pool brush to vigorously scrub the floor and walls.

WPG Sander SEA Under Water Handheld Power Scrubber
WPG Sander SEA Under Water Handheld Power Scrubber
How To Clean A Pool
WPG Sander SEA Under Water Handheld Power Scrubber Clean Pool Crevices
WPG Sander SEA Under Water Handheld Power Scrubber clean swimming pool
WPG Sander SEA Under Water Handheld Power Scrubber Clean Pool Tiles

5. Vacuum The Pool

Use a pool vacuum to connect your pool valve or filter and begin vacuuming. This will make sure that all debris and dirt from the bottom of your pool doesn’t get back into the filter.

6. Clean The Pool Filter

One of the most important things you can do is clean your pool filter. Turn on the filter, then leave it for between 2-5 days to clear the water. During this step, you may have to clean the filter multiple times. Pay attention to the pressure gauge. Clean the filter if it rises to 10 psi above normal. The filter cartridge will need to be removed and cleaned with a garden hose and spray nozzle. To get rid of all gunk, you can use a filter cleaner.

7. Balance Out The Pool Water

To balance the water again, test it and add chemicals you need. The pH of the water should be between pH 7.2-7.6 with a concentration of 1-5 ppm. Stabilizers should be between 30-50 ppm.

8. Use A Pool Over

When the pool is not being used, cover it with a pool cover. It will protect the pool from most leaves, pollen, and dust that can land in it. It will be difficult to maintain the pool’s bottom without a cover.

9. Lead The Filter For More Than Eight Hours A Day

It removes organic matter and dust from water. It is essential to maintain clean water. If the filter is not working, you may need to replace it. There will be different sizes of pool filter cartridges so ensure you order one that is exactly the same as the one you currently have.

10. Avoid Leaks

It is important to check your pool regularly for any leaks in order to keep it clean. Foreign object intrusions can easily pollute water and cause a change in the pH level. If you suspect you may have a leak, it is best to call a professional.

How Do I Clean My Pool Without An Automatic Vacuum?

A pool vacuum is a great tool to clean a pool. However, you can still clean it without one. Harrison suggests that you stir up the water regularly with the filter on. This will ensure that all dirt and other debris that has settled to the bottom of your pool is suspended in the water. This will allow the filter to remove it.

You must also ensure the proper chemical balance for your pool. This will help to keep it clean and free from algae. The right chemical balance for a pool should be:

  • Chlorine – 1-5 ppm
  • pH – 7.2-7.6
  • Stabilizer – 30-50 ppm
  • Calcium hardness – 100-300 ppm
  • Alkalinity total 80-120 ppm

How To Clean A Pool Out Of Balance?

You can drain your pool and vacuum it before refilling it.

No vacuum? The pool professionals refer to this as the “drain-and wash” method. This is where you drain the pool, then power-wash it and then fill it again. The pool professionals recommend that you balance the fresh, new water from the beginning so it can be maintained over time.

Regular testing and rebalancing of your pool water is a must.

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