How To Clean A Car Interior ?

How to Clean a Car Interior

Maybe you have a weekly cleaning schedule for your car’s exterior. It is great for cleaning out the exterior of your vehicle, but what about the interior? How long ago was it since you last looked at the interior of your car. This is a crucial task, as you spend a lot of time in your car.

Your interior will be subject to dirt and food spillages. It is important to keep your car’s interior clean and sparkling. We have some great tips to help you do this. These steps will ensure a clean interior.


Start By Vacuuming The Inside

You will need to first vacuum the dashboard and seats with the appropriate attachment. Next, clean the doors’ panels. Pay particular attention to any crevices. Give the mats a good rub. This will allow you to deal with large amounts of dust without having to vacuum it.

Vacuum The Interior

Most people think it is enough to vacuum carpets. This is because that is where dirt and dust are most concentrated. It is true that you must vacuum the carpets. However, it is important to do so after you have cleaned the seats and other areas. With the appropriate attachment, vacuum the seats and dashboard. You can now move on to the doors panels, paying special attention to all the crevices. Make sure to give the mats a good shake. You can deal with large amounts dust by using a mat and not having to vacuum.

Clean The Door Jambs

Next on your list is to clean the door jambs. This is the point where the door connects with the car’s body. This is also the first thing you see when you open your car door. It is important to keep these areas clean. Use a cotton cloth to clean the area. This will allow you to not only clean the debris but also shine the area.

Clean The Vinyl

You can clean the dashboard with a microfibre cloth, or a rag. After rinsing the cloth, wipe it down with a rag. Then, spray the microfibre cloth using a special cleaner. Finally, wipe the entire surface with the cleaner. It might not be a good idea if you use the same solution to clean the steering wheel. This can cause it to become slippery. You should also consider the pockets of the door. There are often grime and dust there.

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Keep Your Windows Sparkling Clean

To ensure visibility, it is essential to keep your windows clean at all times. This task should be approached in the same manner as you would for your home windows. Make sure you use a microfibre towel to remove any streaks. After you’re done, roll down the windows to remove any dirt.

Clear The Seats

You should now have cleaned the seats of dirt and dust. It is now time to spray a special cleaner on the seats and scrub it with a brush. You can use a lotion-based cleaner if you have leather or vinyl seats.

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Now, Let's Get Down To The Floor

After you’ve cleaned most of the interior, it is time to tackle the floor. You can slide the seats backwards and forwards. This will expose the junk underneath.

These are just a few steps to restore your car’s interior. You will enjoy driving more easily.

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