User Guides

Learning how to use "Schnee-leopard"



How to use

Please fully charge this product before first use. (The USB charging cable about 5 hrs, fast charger about 1.5 hrs.)

Please following the steps below:


Step 1.

Charge it until the indicator of the charging cable turns green to get the longest working time.


Step 2.

Unplug the switch-off plug to make the machine ready.


Step 3.

Insert the waterproof plug into the charging port to prevent water from flowing into the interior.


Step 4.

Press the start-up button to start the machine.


Step 5.

Press the speed button in operation to change rotational speed.


Step 6.

Insert switch-off plug after using to extend the battery life.

Comfortable Operation

Hold the center of the main body in your palm and press the start-up button with the second knuckle of your thumb to reduce your fatigue in operation.


Accessories Guides

*Please ensure the consumables stick on the center of Backing Plate to avoid deflection and shaking in running and keep the buffer distance between the two to avoid scratching the material.
*The 3-inch backing plate must be used along with 4-inch polishing pad, 4-inch scouring disc, 3-inch sandpaper, and 3-inch Melamine sponge, etc.
*The 4-inch backing plate must be used along with 4-inch sandpaper and 5-inch scouring disc.


Trouble Shooting

Why does the signal indicator always flash or the machine shut down automatically?
Don’t worry!  It is probably not a malfunction.  This is a professional mechanism to remind you how to operate.


Power-saving Mode

If the machine discontinue for more than 2 minutes, it will power off and the indicator will go out automatically to save energy.


Low Power Reminder

The indicator keeps flashing until the power runs out. It means the machine only leave 1/5 power. Please charge it again.


Adjusting Speeds

Press the speed button in operation to change rotational speed. (Red:150 rpm/ Orange:100 rpm/Green:50 rpm.)


Speeds Memory

When the machine discontinues for less than 2 minutes, switch on the machine again and it will spin with the last speed you selected.


Over-pressure Warning

When the rotational speed is unstable and different lights (Red, Orange or Green) flash alternately, it indicates that the pressure is overloading. Please reduce your force or change the speed level to ensure the best efficiency.


Overheat Protection / Motor Jam Protection

If the inner parts are overheated, please wait until the temperature drops and the indicator stops flashing. / If the machine stops suddenly and the signal indicator keeps flashing, it indicates that something gets stuck in the motor. Please insert the switch-off plug before removing the foreign object.

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Careful maintenance can extend the service life of Schnee-leopard.


Daily Storage

After using, please insert Switch-off Plug to extend the battery life. Do not long-term store it in the car or high temperature environment above 50°C.


Daily Maintenance

The motor transmission shaft hole and the screw joint of accessories can be wiped with lubricant to avoid rust.


Daily Cleaning

Please use clean cloth with neutral detergent to clean off the body simply. Do not use corrosive cleaning agents.





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