How To Use And Store Scouring Pads ?

Store Scouring Pads Use

The scouring pad is a must-have product for home cleaning. How can you use and store scouring pads?

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Store Scouring Pads Use Three Scouring Pads for Cleaning with Different Levels of Oil Stains

Use Three Scouring Pads For Cleaning With Different Levels Of Oil Stains

It is recommended to put three Scouring Pads in the kitchen, which are used to clean items with different levels of oil.

Oil-free : Wood Pulp Sponge Scouring Pad
Light oil : Delicate Duty Scouring Pad
Heavy oil : Emery Sponge Scouring Pad 

Store Scouring Pads Use and Storage of Scouring Pad

Use And Storage Of Scouring Pad

  1. Wipe the greasy area with a paper towel before cleaning
  2. Easier cleaning, less water and less detergent.
  3. Keep it dry in a ventilated place
    Rinse off any remaining cleaner after use.
    Store in a ventilated place to avoid the growth of bacteria due to humidity.
  4. Regular replacement
    Replace at least once a month.