How To Remove Wax From Car ?

How To Remove Wax From Car

No problem with nostalgia. The automotive industry is seeing a rise in nostalgia racing and vintage restorations. To be blunt, there are certain things that should not be forgotten, such as bellbottoms, car wax, and disco.

Technology has outsold car wax’s usefulness. The same job can be done with lab-created synthetic wax and paint sealants. They last longer, are easier to apply, and they also last longer. Nano technology in ceramic coatings makes it easy to see how the days are gone of applying, removing and reapplying waxes or sealants.

However, regardless of whether they choose natural carnauba wax or paint sealants, stripping wax from a vehicle is important before applying any paint protection products.

Let’s look at the best ways to remove wax from cars. This will explain the importance of this process, which supplies work best, and what are the best practices.

So – let’s get cracking.


How Does Car Wax Work?

An automotive car wax, is the first step in paint protection. There are two types: synthetic and natural car wax. The natural wax is made from palm oil from Brazil. The synthetic is created in a lab.

3 Reasons To Remove Car Wax

There are three main reasons why you might need to remove wax from your vehicle, truck or SUV.

Preparing For Any Paint Protection Application

Most people remove car wax to prepare for applying another paint protection product. The majority of protection products are intended to be applied directly to the base material.

A ceramic coating, for example, works by getting into the tiny valleys and peaks that are present on porous surfaces, filling them, and then leaving behind a hard, flat layer of protection.

The ceramic coating won’t be able to correct imperfections, harden, or work properly if wax remains on the surface. The same applies to car wax, paint sealants and ceramic sprays.

First Step In Paint Correction

The luster and shine of most long-lasting paint protection products can be enhanced by using them. It is recommended that you polish the body panels, headlights, and other materials to correct any paint imperfections.

First step is to wash the car completely. A wax-stripping shampoo or automotive shampoo is also recommended. This will help to remove any wax. We’ll get into the details a little later.

Before Auto Body Repair

It’s a horrible feeling to find a new dent in your door after you have parked at a shopping mall. This is an everyday occurrence all over the world. A detailing specialist may be able to repair minor scratches or dings. Most of the time, however, this is the job of an autobody shop.

There are many ways to fix this kind of damage. However, the most common method is to prep a section and then repaint it. The autobody specialist will remove all wax from the section that will be painted or touched up.

How Often Should Car Wax Be Removed?

You will likely have a routine for applying, removing and applying wax if you used to Carnauba Wax. According to wax experts, it is recommended that you apply, remove, and reapply your wax every three months.

If you are looking to improve or change your paint protection, remove any car wax first.

What Hurdles Are Associated To Removing Car Wax?

It isn’t an exact science to remove car wax. Some car owners may find it difficult to remove car wax depending on what type of car wax was used, how long the wax was applied, how much wax was removed or buffed off, as well as the exposure.

This explains some of the concerns and hurdles that can be encountered when removing car wax.

Potential For Scratching

There’s a variety of ways to get rid of car wax. One is to polish it or ‘buff it off’. This requires the use of a cutting agent and a power orbital polisher. This compound cuts through the wax layer and removes it by friction.

It can cause light scratches and swirl marks if the polishing compound used is too harsh or if the microfiber towel or polishing cloth are contaminated with dirt or other debris.

Not Knowing When It's Removed

This is another problem car owners face when removing paint sealant or car wax from their paint jobs. If they don’t know when the wax is gone, they might cut into the clear coat, or do worse.

How To Know If You Have Wax Still On Your Car

Understanding the extent of the wax coating on your vehicle and if it has naturally faded can, and will help you choose the best way to remove what is left.

These are some easy tips to ensure that your wax does not dry on your vehicle.

Does The Vehicle Appear Shiny Still?

Car wax is used to enhance the underneath. The wax will improve the paint’s luster if it is in good condition. The wax can add depth to dull paint. It is important to evaluate the shine of your car to determine if it still has wax.

If your car was shiny before applying the wax, but it is still dull, you will still have some wax. The majority of the wax will be gone if the shine is gone.

Does Water Roll Off The Surface?

Hydrophobic testing is the next step to determine how much wax remains on a vehicle. This test basically measures the water repellency on the surface. The surface is protected by wax if water rolls off it. The wax will likely be gone if the water pools on the surface or sits on it.

How Long Was It Applied?

Automotive waxes usually last for three months. Liquid wax can last much longer. It’s most likely that it has been dissolved if it was applied more than three months ago. Another factor that can influence the outcome is driving conditions and outdoor exposure.

Top Practices To Remove Car Wax

These details should provide a baseline for your vehicle’s condition and how you can remove it.

If the car wax has been on for more than two months, it is possible to use an automotive-specific soap or shampoo. You might need to use more aggressive methods if the car wax is less than two months old.

This is an easy method to get rid of car wax.

Car Shampoo Washing & Claybar Treatment

Washing a car with soap and water is the best way to get rid of wax. You will need a soap designed for automotive paints and surfaces. Wax is made up of greasy oils that will eventually be broken down by a pH-positive detergent.

This task should not be performed with dish soap. Although dish soaps can remove oils and grease and are great at removing oil and grease, they are not intended for use on car paint or plastic trims.

This is an easy-to-follow guide to help you get started.

Materials Required

  • Bottle automotive wax stripping shampoo
  • Two washer buckets
  • A microfiber wash mitt
  • Foam cannon or foam gun(option)

Step 1: Prewash With Foam Cannon/Foam Gun

Pre-washing your car is the best way to remove car wax. You can do this by spraying water on the car first and then spraying soap with a foam gun or foam cannon to coat the vehicle.


  • Do not do this in direct sun. This will speed up the drying process, which is bad.
  • All surfaces should be covered with soap. Allow it to soak in the vehicle for 3 minutes, but not more than 5.
  • Use fresh water to spray off.

Step 2: Use The Two Bucket Method To Wash Your Car

Use the recommended dilution according to the manufacturer’s guidelines when using wax stripping shampoo. To avoid drying, rinse each section thoroughly.

After you have finished washing your car, rinse it off once more. To completely dry the car, use a quality drying towel. Even car shampoos can leave streaks when they aren’t dried completely with a towel.

It’s a good idea to continue to step 3 if your car appears to still have car wax.

Step 3: Use A Clay Mitt

This is a good way to remove wax from paint sealants and other protective coatings. This is how to perform the clay bar/ clay mitt treatment.

Materials Required

  • A clay bar kit, clay mitt or clay mitt can be used with a lubricant spray made for this application.
  • Buy a minimum 16oz bottle. Trust me, you’ll use it on a whole average-sized car.

Wrapping It Away

It’s easier than you think to remove car wax from a vehicle, truck, SUV, or motorcycle. The task can be simplified and simplified with the right tools.

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