WPG Sander LITE PV House Cleaning Kit

➤ Brushless DC Motor: It produces a stabilized output under a high load, reduces wear and tear on the parts, and extends service life.

➤ Long Service Time: EU certified lithium batteries can provide a stabilized electricity at up to 3 hours.

➤ Compact Size: It weighs only 400 grams, which is easy to handle.

➤ Ergonomic Grip: It provides comfortable grip and non-slip control to effectively reduce your fatigue.

➤ Variable Speed Control: You can switch easily among three types of speeds according to different purposes.

➤ Multifunction: kitchen, bathroom, window frame, tiles, tile joints, bottles, car, etc.

➤ Waterproof Design: The water resistant design and the waterproof plug make you easy to work anywhere.


Product Name: Schnee-leopard Multifunction Scrubbing & Polishing Sander (Press Version)
Material: ABS+PC
Motor: Brushless DC Motor
Dimensions: L 16.5 × W 9.0 × H 7.0 cm
Weight: 400g
Waterproof Rating: IP X5
The Rotational Speed: 150、100、50 rpm
Voltage: 7.4V
Output Power: 20W
Battery: Li-ion 18650*2/ 2600mAh (It can be used for more than 2 hours.)
The Version of Current: 5A
Output Torque of Transmission Shaft: 35kgs
Safety Certification: CE / FCC / IEC62133
Warranty Period: 15 months (machine, USB charger)
Charging Time: It takes about five hours when you use USB charging cable (8.4V/0.6A).

P.S. The waterproof plug is connected to the switch-off plug.

Schnee-leopard Multifunction Scrubbing & Polishing Sander (Press Version)*1
3-inch Backing Plate *1
4-inch Disc Scrub Brush *1
4-inch Scouring Pad *3
4-inch Wheel Brush *1
Scruff Ball *1
Extending Stick *1
Wrench *1
USB Charging Cable *1

1、Charge the machine for five hours before first use. When the indicator of charging cable turns from red to green, it indicates that the battery is fully charged.

2、When the machine is connected to the USB charging cable, the machine cannot run.

3、The USB charging cable should go with AC to DC, Type A, and 5V/2A charger.  Otherwise, the machine won’t be charged, and the indicator of charging cable won’t be on.

4、When you finish using the machine, unplug the waterproof plug and insert the switch-off plug to save electricity.













USB充電器_充電中 USB充電器_已充飽電

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