29cm USB Charging Cable – For WPG Sander LITE & SEA

Model: WS-902
Length: 29 cm
Input: 5 V / 2 A
Output: 8.4 V / 0.6 A
( Indicator light on USB charger red : charging state/ green : full charge state)

充電頭 5V/2A

* Passed the safety certification CE, FCC.
* Do not charge it with a computer as the computer will crash.
* The USB charging cable must be used with a type A, 5V / 2A power adapter.If using the power adapter less than 2A it may not be able and there is no any signal at USB.
* Do not use the charger that is not made by the original factory. If using charger which is not original to make the damaged machine, it is not included by the warranty.





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