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About the products

Cleaning, waxing and polishing can be done by Schnee-leopard power tool!

【Interior and Exterior Auto Detailing】
Car waxing, glass grease removing, glass coating, glass polishing, mechanical decontamination, headlight restoration, wheel frame cleaning and coating, leather waxing, carpet cleaning.

【Household cleaning and repair】
Home, kitchen, bathroom, living room, office, old stubborn dirt cleaning, gap cleaning, furniture maintenance, wall repair, appliance polishing … etc.


1. Bridge the gap between detailing by hand and polisher. Low speed simulated manual waxing, stabilized rotating speed under over-force to apply the uniform wax on the paint and improve the protection of car paint, the gloss after waxing is consistent with the 4,000-rpm high-speed machine.

2. The lightest, portable and low center of gravity make the waxing more easy to be finished at any angle. Whether you are a big hand person, a beginner, weekend warrior, enthusiast or professional, boys, girls, you can easily use it!

3. The battery has strong battery life, which can be used continuously for nearly 3 hours and can wax about 5 vehicles (general cars).

If you need polishing, please purchase a high-speed machine with at least 7,000-10,000 rpm, but it is hard for non-professionals to get started. It is recommended to directly find a professional car beauty shop to help deal with it.

【Schnee-leopard cleaning machine】

1. like as Dyson to adopt the brushless motor, which has low-power consumption, high efficiency, and longer service life.  With exclusive patent speeds stabilization system, shaft output at up to 35 kg high torque, it can effectively remove stubborn dirt.

2. With the low center of gravity, light weight, and portable design, it helps you clean easily!

3. The battery has strong battery life and can be used continuously for nearly 3 hours.

4. Multi-functional accessories, gas stove burnt, burnt pot, grill burnt stain, dirty floor, gap between sofas or wooden chairs, screen window gaps, glass oil film, mirror water mark, refrigerator black stain, thermos tea stain, wall repair polish … etc.  A variety of cleaning needs, one machine can get it all!

Schnee-leopard is equipped with two Japanese or Korean’s brand of 18650 lithium batteries.  The battery life is very long.

The machine is designed with sealed edge, so it cannot be disassembled by yourself.  If you want to change the batteries, you have to send the machine back to our company.

There are two versions of Schnee-leopard we sold. You can purchase the required version according to your personal habits and needs:

1. Push version: Press “Start-up Button” to activate the machine. It will move only by pressing and stop at release.

2. Locked version: Click“Start-up Button”, the machine will keep running. When you click again, it will stop.

About operation

Do you have trouble using Schnee-leopard? It is recommended to read the "User Manual" before using the machine. You may also find out the answers here.

1. Please fully charge the machine. The signal indicator on the charger turns from red to green,  indicating that it is fully charged.

Schnee-leopard dedicated USB charging cable: 8.4V/0.6A, charge for about 5 hours.
Schnee-leopard dedicated fast charger: 8.4V/2A, charge for about 1.5 hours.

notice: The USB charging cable must be used with a Type A, 5V / 2A AC/DC adapter.
If you use a 5V adapter less than 2A, it may not successfully charge for this machine and there will be no charging light indication.

2. Please read the “User Guides” before use.

My Schnee-leopard won’t turn on, what should I do?
Please confirm the following:
1. Is the machine fully charged or not? (the signal indicator on the charger from red to green indicates that it is fully charged)

2. Is the switch-off plug or charger unplugged from the power hole?

If “Schnee-leopard” still cannot be activated, please contact us and send it back to the repair center.  We will deal with this for you ASAP.

Office hours: Monday through Friday 09:00 am to 5:00 pm(GMT+8)

【White plug】is a switch-off plug to ensure the power is cut off, extending the battery life.

 After using, please fully charge the machine, insert the switch-off plug, and store it properly.

【Black plug】is a water-proof plug to prevent water or liquid flowing into the interior of machine.

Please ensure that you insert the black water-proof plug first before using.

Please read the “User Guides” before use.

Schnee-leopard with a special design is dust-resistant and water-resistant, but it cannot be waterproof completely. Please do not use it under the water.

Please ensure the Water-proof Plug is inserted in the power hole before using.  If the water or liquid flow into the power hole unfortunately, try to dry it and do not insert metal objects into the hole.  If “Schnee-leopard” still cannot be activated, please contact us and send it back to the repair center.  We will deal with it ASAP.

Please read the “User Guides” before use.

Hold the center of the main body in your palm and press the start-up button with the second knuckle of your thumb to reduce your fatigue in operation.

Please read the “User Guides” before use.

The Schnee-leopard contains quailfied 18650 lithium batteries. The capacity of battery is 2600mAh, which can be used continuously at up to 3 hours, about 5 vehicles can be waxed.

Please read the “User Guides” before use.

When power is only 1/5 battery left, the signal indicator keeps flashing until the power runs out.  Please charge it again!

Please read the “User Guides” before use.

Keep a buffer distance between the Backing Plate and consumables to prevent the Backing Plate from scratching the car paint or the cleaned objects.

Please read the “User Guides” before use.

The 3-inch backing plate can only be used with 4-inch foam pad, 4-inch scouring disc, 3-inch sanding disc, and 3-inch melamine sponge.

The 4-inch backing plate can only be used with 5-inch scouring disc and 4-inch sanding disc.

Please read the “User Guides” before use.

【Low-power Reminder】The signal indicator keeps flashing until the power runs out:
Meaning the power is only 1/5 battery left.  Please charge it again!

【Over-pressure Warning】The rotating speed is unstable and different lights (Red, Orange, Green) flash alternately:
Meaning the pressure is overloaded in using.  Please reduce your force to ensure the best efficiency.  If you still need more friction to do the cleaning, please turn down the rotating speed.

【Overheat Protection】If the machine is overheated, it will discontinue suddenly and the red light keeps flashing:
Meaning the inner parts are overheated. Please switch off the machine and wait until the temperature drops and the signal indicator stops flashing.

【Motor Jam Protection】The machine will stop and the signal indicator will keep flashing after the motor runs unusually in a few seconds:
Meaning the fractured internal parts or something gets stuck in the motor. Please remove the foreign object from motor transmission shaft hole after insert the Switch-off Plug. Please contact with us and send it back to the repair center if it still cannot restore normal use.

Please read the “User Guides” before use.

About cleaning & maintenance

1. After using, please fully charge the machine and insert the switch-off plug to extend the battery life.

2. Insert the switch-off plug to cut off the power.

3. Store it under 50°C environment.

4. Please use clean cloth to clean off the body simply.  Do not use corrosive cleaning agents.

5. Clean and keep screw hole dry.  Use non-corrosive lubricants only.

Please read the “User Guides” before use.

1. Please clean the accessories with a neutral detergent after using, and ensure the accessories drying or wiping to avoid rusting of the screw joint.

2. Screw connectors for accessories (Backing Plate, Wheel Brush, Disc  Scrub Brush, Extending Stick, Extending Clamp, Rims Brush, Scruff Ball … etc.) can be maintained with lubricant to avoid rust.

Please read the “User Guides” before use.

Please ensure the motor transmission shaft of the machine and the screw joints of accessories (Backing Plate, Wheel Brush, Plastic Disc Brush, Extending Stick, Extending Clamp, Rims Brush, Scruff Ball, etc.) drying after cleaning.  You can use lubricant for maintenance to avoid rust.

If the screws of the accessories have been rusted, you can try to wipe the lubricant before use.

Please read the “User Guides” before use.

If you go out by car and plan to wax your car, but forget to fully charge Schnee-leopard ’s battery, “Car Charger” can be used to charge Schnee-leopard when driving or washing the car (complete pre-washing process, about 1 hour), charging for about 45 minutes is enough to wax an ordinary car.
Alternatively, you can use a mobile power supply with a remaining capacity of more than 4000A and charge it for about 45 minutes. In this way, Schnee-leopard has enough power to wax an ordinary car.

The battery used by Schnee-leopard is a lithium battery, which has no memory effect, and does not need to first discharge the existing power before recharging. After use, even if the host itself has remaining power, it can be directly charged.

It is recommended to keep Schnee-leopard in a fully charged state at all times. It can be used immediately when needed.

Please read the “User Manual” before use.